Reunion Attendees

Below is a list of the 126 people (including guests) who came to our 40th reunion.  They are in order by their last name in high school.  Please help us track down the other folks in our class, for future reunions.  Below are also regrets from some classmates who unfortunately could not attend, and also a list of our classmates who (sadly) are deceased.  Thanks so much to everyone who came to the reunion, it was wonderful!

Jim Abicht '77 & Renee Staub Abicht '80
Aaron Anderson '77 & Christine Shelton-Anderson
Wendie Anderson Berg '77 & Jeremy Berg
Angie Arvelas Millslagle '77 & Todd Millslagle
Dorothy (Debbie) Bensusan '76 '77
Rebecca Bunter Smith '77
Charles Burks '77
Kathy Burnett Jones '77 & Mark Jones
Jack Cabrera '77 & Esther Cabrera
Theresa Celebrado Johnsen '77
Sandy Cope Deighan '77
Bridget Cowles '76 '77
Jim Cunha '77
Dina Curotto Hoffman '77
Denise (Nicki) Deane Wood '77 & Paul Foerster
Julie DeHart Criswell '77 & Harry Criswell
Jean François Denis '77
Merry Dennehy '77
Darlene Enrico '77
Patty Erickson '77
Judy Escalante '77
Susan Faitos '77
Anne Finnegan Meiteen '77 & Elyssa Meiteen
Randy Forgaard '77
Greg Fultz '77
Jeanette Garcia Neal '77 & Scott Neal
Bruce Gardner '77
Stephanie Ghio Maridon '77
Elaina Giudici Shanks '77
Jack Gobbo '77 & Robin Parke
Alice Grube Hughes '77
Sally Guzman Evans '77
Susan Haile Ueberrhein '77 & Bill Ueberrhein
James Hall '77
Mark Hansen '77 & Bonnie Hansen
Mark Harlan '77
Don Hicks '77 & Chris Miller
Linda Huffman '77
Tim Ingersoll '77
Rey Jaquez '77
Cathy Keller Farrar '77 & Mike Farrar
Jeffrey Kirkwood '77
Brett Lambert '77 & April Abell Lambert '81
Bob Layton '77 & Debbie Layton
Michele Lewis Rodriguez '77 & Manuel Rodriguez
Greg Lopez '77 & Kay Lopez
Gail Lukan '77
Sheri Mack Milazzo '77
Debbie Maddock Elston '71 (photographer)
Lisa Malley Rettedal '77 & Reed Rettedal
Nancy Marez '77
Dale Marinello '77 & Gail Marinello
Paul Mekis & Julie Mekis
Pam Mills Casey '77
Mike Mistor '77
Richard Morgan '77
Janet Muhly Windt '77 & Mike Windt '72
Annette Mungai Sullivan '77 & Dennis Sullivan
Laura (Crispin) Osterbrock '77
Lorrie Palmos '78
Corinne Pate Niven '77
Cathy Pera Brown '77
Clyde Persley '77 & Pauline Persley
Carolyn Person Taylor '77 & Bill Taylor
Nina Peticolas Tanti '77 & Patrice Tanti
Patty Petrolino McNeal '77
Dana Quick Shaffer '77
Leah Rappaport Strauss '77 & Randy Strauss
Sherry Ricar '77 & Jarl Saal
Tim Ronda '77 & Sandra Ronda
Steve Salmons '76 & Melissa Chittick
Georgia Sandas Chronopoulos '77
Robin Sanders Thompson '77 & William Thompson
Donna Sarkes Fortina '77 & Franc Fortina
Leslie Sepulveda McGee '77 & Chuck McGee
Sue Silva Mohler '77 & Bill Mohler
Betsy Slakey Knepper '76 '77
Alan Spano '77
Dino Stagnaro '77
Les Stickles '77
Danette Sutton '77
Chris Tacklind '75
Candy Thrasher Richard '77
John Trebbien '77
Kelly Tyler '77
Paul Wainscoat '77 & Johanna Wainscoat
Rosalind Waite Alley '77
Jeff Weber '77
Brenda Whitley '77
Lydia Wilson '78
Linda Winnick Ray '77
Tim Yeaney '77
Charles (Chuck) Yaryan '78


Here are regrets from some of our classmates who (alas!) were unable to attend the reunion:
Christine Allegretti: "So sorry I can't make this reunion.  Have lots of fun and hope to see you all soon!  xo"
Michael Coburn: "Hope everyone has a great time.  I will be down here in Mexico thinking about you!"
Alan Conklin: "I was really hoping to be there with you all, but with two properties closing escrow in the next two weeks and now it seems Hurricane Irma has a bullseye painted on our front door, I'm sadly going to miss it.  I was really looking forward to seeing you all and will be thinking of you.  Have a great time and drink a toast to Terri, I wish she could be there too."
Robin (Davis) Avenmarg: "Hi everyone from the Class of '77!  I would love to go, but it happens to be the same day as my parents' 60th wedding anniversary party.  So, I can't attend reunion, but have fun and hopefully I'll see you at the next one!"
Mark Drew: "I will be on a cruise ship that day and my daughter is getting married at that time.  Will try to make the next one.  You all have a great time!"
Sheri (Sherilyn) Eldridge Cole: "It looks like I'm not going to be able to make it.  I'm so sad, but, you know, life.  I hope you all have a fantastic time and I look forward to seeing lots of pics posted on the Facebook page.  Have fun everyone!"
Mary Finnegan-Breede: "Bummed I am missing this one too.  Wishing you all the best.  Good fortune.  Good health.  Great fun and amazing reconnection."
Ed Hammond: "Sorry I am going to miss it.  I have fond memories of Mission Hill and freshman year at SCHS, and though I graduated elsewhere it would be great fun to see old friends!  Hope you all have a blast!  And if any of you make it out to the Motor City please give a shout."
Steve Jaffee Shapiro: "I will not be able to attend the reunion.  We are feeding firefighters from the Chetco Bar Fire.  You all have a good time and a drink for me!"
Joan Hoedemaker Young: "I'm so sorry I won't be able to make it to reunion.  It would be nice to see everyone.  I hope all have a good time.  Have a drink for me...maybe two!"
Robert Kanes: "Alas, my Dad's 90th birthday party is the same day as the reunion, with people flying in from all over.  So sorry I won't be able to join you, best to all, and I look forward to the pictures!"
Rick Larsen: "I'm sorry I will not be able to attend.  I have family in Florida that needed some help, so I regret to say I will have to miss this reunion, but I will be there in spirit.  I will miss my friends who I so much wanted to see.  I hope to make it for the next reunion.  Enjoy, my friends!"
Judy Petersen Neall Epstein: "Hey everybody, sorry to miss the fun!  I'm out of the country and can't make it back in time.  See ya next time!"
Laura Saunders: "Unfortunately, I can't make it to reunion, but I hope everyone has a great time!"
Barbara Scribner Anderson: "Best of times to all of you!  I'll be there in spirit!"
Sherryl Thomas: "Unfortunately I will be missing this reunion.  Really wanted to catch up with my Mission hill peeps!  But I will be off to see the first grandbaby.  Have an awesome time everyone!  — Sherryl, aka Smiley"
Larry Yien: "It's great to see spirit and enthusiasm as we near our 40th reunion!  It's been wonderful to see many of you around town.  I'm not going to be able to make it as I'm off on an adventure up north.  I've passed my duties as "most spirited" to Dina Hoffman and Alice Grube!  Go Cardinals!"

...and some additional folks who were unable to join us:

Kathy Bagnall Smithers
Joe Clarey
Steve Colton
Patty Fuller
Marilyn Harrington Higgins
Tim Ingersoll
Sheila Lowery
Jim McCoy
Richard Morgan
Leah Rappaport Strauss
Evonne Sandas
Lesley Smith McTaggart
Paul Violante
Laura Weybright McTighe


These are the folks from our class who (sadly) have passed away:

Monty Alton
Jimmy Cabrera
Sue Dodge
Mike Dumller
David Ellis
Tim Firestone
Terri Garvey
Debbie Granger
Gary Hand
Charles Heastings
Ron Hoefer
Elaine Jaquez
Patti Johnson
Jose Lopez
Vicki Mead
Anne Mills
Brian Ray
Jim Reedy
Robert Rodriguez
Sue Seabridge
Rick Stefani
Helen Vanderven
Greg Zieber

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